McCain’s Lost a Vote

I tried to send this message to Senator McCain’s campaign through his website. However, like his social policy, his website is broken. Here’s what I tried to send:

I was appalled to learn that Senator McCain had announced his endorsement of the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in California.

Please inform the Senator that his actions have cost him my vote and ensured that I will do what I can to help Senator Obama win in Virginia (where I live).

The idea that we should use constitutions as political weapons against a group of people to motivate another group of people to get out to vote is wrong on so many levels that I can’t even begin to list my reasons or this would be a much longer message. Having seen just such an event here in Virginia and seen the damage it does, I could never support a political candidate that seeks to turn a group of people who have done nothing wrong, other than be born different than the majority, into second class citizens.

I hope Senator McCain will come to his senses and change his position. Please note that there is a lot of room between supporting gay marriage and supporting constitutional marriage bans. I’m not asking him to move all the way.

With great disappointment,
Linda Thomas

Here’s what his website said:

We’re sorry. There appears to have been an error with your request. Please try again or if the problem continues, please contact us.

The “contact us” was a link back to the contact page where I had just tried to send a message. I guess McCain’s more interested in talking than listening. It’s only July and he’s managed to totally alienate me. For someone who doesn’t have the words “George” or “Bush” in his name, that’s pretty bad.

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