The Danger of McCain’s Flight from Truth

In the last two weeks, the McCain campaign has retreated from issues and turned overtly negative. They give lip service to issues but never follow up with details. They say Obama is wrong but never provide any evidence. Instead they turn to smears and lies. Since there is no requirement for a campaign to tell the truth there isn’t really anything to hold them back.

The First Debate

The first debate is now over. It was, as these things often are, light on real substance. Was there a blowout winner? Not in my assement. Senator Obama’s answers resonated with me more than Senator McCain’s. Given that they weren’t talking about social issues, ti was a little easier to be objective, but I felt myself agreeing with Obama much more often than McCain.

McCain’s Lost a Vote

I tried to send this message to Senator McCain’s campaign through his website. However, like his social policy, his website is broken. Here’s what I tried to send:

I was appalled to learn that Senator McCain had announced his endorsement of the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in California.