An Update from India

I’m just past the midpoint of my trip and it’s certainly been interesting.

Being a passenger in a car still feels a bit like playing Russian roulette. I’m not sure I would ever feel comfortable enough to drive in it. Bangalore is reputed to have the highest traffic density in the world. I certainly haven’t seen the entire world, but it leaves every other city I’ve seen in the dust.

I’m told Bangalore is at 3,000 feet above sea level so that probably explains the lack of mosquitoes and so probably makes the anti-malaria medication overkill, but I guess it’s better safe than sorry.

I was curious how old Bangalore was since Bull Temple was constructed in the 16th century. According to the web, Bangalore was founded in the 2nd century and still uses the same drainage and sanitary systems.

At lunch today, Jeremy and I got some food from the little South Indian restaurant by the office. The four Indians we ate with got lunch from Subway. Exotic food is in the eye of the beholder.

One of the guys from work invited us to dinner at his house this evening. He and his family made us feel very welcome and the dinner was delicious. I tried to eat Indian-style, using my right hand and no silverware. It turns out to be harder than it sounds. I commented that when I was his daughter’s age I wanted to eat with my hands and my mother wouldn’t let me. Now I was being encouraged to. I guess if you wait long enough you can get all your wishes! His wife didn’t speak English but it appeared she understood some. Both his children speak English though they are young, four and six, so they didn’t understand everything. Both kids were full of energy and the little girl was very affectionate. I was honored to be invited into their home and be treated to a small taste of Indian life in Bangalore.

According to the paper, the South-West Monsoon is supposed to hit 48 hours early meaning it should happen while I’m still here. I’ve been told that the monsoon here isn’t as bad as some areas so hopefully it won’t impact my departure Friday night.

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