Punkin Chunkin 2007

Here are some (unfortunately not very good) photos from Punkin Chunkin. Kirsten organized this outing and it was an interesting, if cold event.

None of use were quite dressed warmly enough and we also arrived a little, well, a lot later than intended thanks to a party the night before. After factoring in travel time and waiting over an hour in traffic to park, we only had about four hours at the event itself.

I’m not really sure why but it is seriously cool to watch pumpkins hurled into the sky. The range of designs was quite varied from air cannons to slingshots. The air cannons shot the furthest but usually launched the pumpkins so quickly I never even saw them.

If you have a free day next year, dress warmly and head on over! It’s an event that gives an outlet for creative, mechanically inclined people that have way too much time on their hands.

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