Rally Against the Marriage Amendment

The weather was pretty rotten, but the rain held off until we were done (well, except for a few sprinkles, the deluge showed up a couple hours later). And although the weather undoubtedly kep some people away, several hundred people showed up to rally against the evil Marshall/Newman Marriage Amendment at George Mason University.

This amendment, if you’re not aware (and if you look at my site much that would be tough) would not only ban gay marriage, but civil unions, domestic partnerships and any legal relationship that a judge decides has a quality or effect of marriage. Just what that means isn’t clear. Nobody really knows because, ironically, these legislators who so abhor “activist judges” will force judges to decide what marriage qualities are.

In Ohio, some of those judges have decided that domestic violence protections are a benefit of marriage. The same thing could happen here. Domestic partnership benefits are almost certainly at risk considering that Senator Cucinelli said that was one of the targets of this amendment.

The rally started with a prayer vigil and the 20 or so protesters who decided that bigotry is to be celebrated decided to try and chant over a prayer. What part of “christian values” did they miss the class for?

The most amazing thing was the diversity of the attendees and the speakers. White, black, asian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, christian, jew, and probably lots of others that I wasn’t obviously able to identify. The speakers ranged from college students to veterans of the 1690’s civil rights movement. Each had a different view on just how bad this amdnement is.

The election is only a month away. Remember to vote no on question #1!

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