2005 Highlights

It’s that time of year where I try to select my favorite photos from the previous year and collect them together. My goal this year was to select 20 or fewer photos which was a little stricter than the up to 30 I allowed myself last year. I found it hard to make the final choices.

Over the course of the year, I collect candidate shots and put them together in a directory. As I add to the directory throughout the year, I end up deleting some along the way but by the end of the year I had over 40 photos so I had to cut them down by more than half.

This year’s crop is 1/5 butterfly photos and I really didn’t want that many butterfly shots in the final set, but when I compared them to the other candidate shots throughout the year, I liked them better. So, though part of me wanted to be more representative of the different things I photographed throughout the year, these shots won out.

It’s curious how many of these shots came from the same day. In three cases there are three shots selected from the same day and there are two shots that came from the same day. I’m not sure how much of this is me getting into a “photographic groove” on those particular days and how much si that I just didn’t get quite as many opportunities to take photos in 2005.

One of the things I’m noticing is that I more frequently seem to prefer the detail shots to my landscape shots. I think I’ve developed my eye for those more so I think I’d like to work on my landscape shots a bit more for 2006.

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