Support HB1633

Delegate Mitchell Van Yahres has introduced HB1633 which would repeal HB751, the so-called Marriage Affirmation Act.

I support Mr. Van Yahres and his attempt to undo the damage done by the Virginia Legislature last year. I urge everyone to write their delegates (you can find out who that is at the Virginia General Assembly website.

I wrote the following letter to my delegate (Plum):

Mr. Plum,

I urge you to support HB1633 which would abolish the Marriage Affirmation Act. The so-called Marriage Affirmation Act serves only to make gay and lesbian Virginians into second class citizens by making it legal, actually mandatory, to discriminate against us.

I know you did not support HB751 last year and thank you for that and I hope that you will vote to undo the damage that HB751 did.

Linda Thomas

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