Supreme Court Stays Aloof

it was reported that the Supreme Court declined to hear a chase challenging the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision legalizing
same-sex marriage in that state.

Though the Court rarely gives it’s reasons for declining to hear a case there are some possibilities here:

  1. They don’t think the case has enough merit to warrant their time
  2. They think it’s a states rights issue and it was already handled there
  3. They are cowards and afraid to get into another controversy (see the 2000 election for a refresher).

I’d like to think it’s the first reason but I suspect it’s the latter. Must be a pessimistic Monday mood.

However, on the surface the decision is a victory for the same-sex marriage cause since the current decision stands. However, a favorable ruling by the Court about the Massachusetts decision could have had a profound impact. Of course, an unfavorable ruling would have had an equally profound negative impact. So perhaps it’s just as well.

I’d prefer this wasn’t ultimately handled by the Supreme Court but I suspect that like most civil rights issues it ultimately will be.

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