I did my civic duty and voted today. The line was longer than normal, but not so long as I feared. I was probably out the door less than 20 minutes after I walked in.

Curiously the “a-o” lines were backed up out the door and probably had an hour’s wait, but since I was in the “p-z” line, I was able to walk right in since there was nobody standing in it. I still had to wait in line for the actual voting machine, but it moved fairly quickly. Two others (in two different districts) have said the same thing about the “p-z” line so I don’t know if my compatriots at the end of the alphabet are apathetic or tend to vote later in the day or it’s just one of those peculiar coincidences that will have me scratching my head for years wondering how it happened.

I sure hope that we have a clear answer to the election tonight and that it will be cause for those look outward and forward and not inward and backward to celebrate.

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