A Personal Plea

I know all of us want this death march of an election to be over. Before that happens I wanted to reach out to those who know me and also might be considering supporting Trump or a third party candidate. Many of us think that the choices we make on election day don’t really matter all that much. No matter who wins it won’t affect the life of people we know one way or another. 

I’m here to let you know that if Donald Trump gets elected that it has the potential to harm my life in a very direct and personal way.

You may wonder why I say that. After all, Trump doesn’t target gay people like Bush and Romney did. And it’s been a bit of a blessing for gay issues not to be a major factor in the election this cycle. However, because of that it’s easy to overlook that while Trump himself may not be overtly anti-gay the people he is surrounded by definitely are.

His running mate, Mike Pence has made a career of being anti-gay. As the governor of Indiana he signed a horrible legalized discrimination bill that lets people hide behind religion to justify discrimination. He’d love to eliminate marriage equality. And that’s just to start. He’d probably go further given the chance.

But, unless Trump dies in office, Pence wouldn’t have much of a platform to work from. The real issue is the Supreme Court. The odds are good that the next president will have up to three seats to fill and the names Trump has listed as likely candidates would love to hear a case to repeal marriage equality. If that happens you can expect regressive legislatures around the country to do their utmost to dismantle our marriages through legislation.

So, for me, this is personal and I’m hoping it will be for you also. Help Lauri and I protect our marriage and elect Hillary Clinton. If you can’t vote for her on her own merits then do it to help protect us. Do it to protect the women in your life who could be harmed by the decisions of a Trump court. Your decisions do matter so, please, get out there and vote!

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