Jeremy Epstein – Electronic Voting Machine Security

With the presidential election just over a week away I thought it would be timely to talk about, not politics, but our voting infrastructure and the steps we can take to ensure our votes are counted as we intended. With the talk of rigged elections and the periodic news stories of voting machines misrecording votes I turned to Jeremy Epstein, an expert in the field of the security of electronic voting machines. He tells us about the pros and cons of these machines. Along the way we enjoy some Strongbow Gold Apple Cider.

Here are the links mentioned or shown in the video:

This episode runs longer than the pervious ones but Jeremy does a great overview of the issues involved with DRE voting machines and it’s worthwhile for anyone interested in the integrity of the voting process.

On the technical side, the audio is better this time but I am still working out the best way to get a clean chroma key.

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