Still Here and Changes on the Way

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, almost a year, but during that time I’ve been busy with the Equality Fairfax website, photography, genealogy, amateur radio, work and most importantly, spending time with Lauri. But, the state of my website finally got to me and I’ve taken advantage of some free time to migrate the site to wordpress from drupal.

I’m also in the process of migrating my phtoos from flickr to Picasa Web Albums. The primary reason for this is that Picasa provides an RSS feed of albums while flickr, after three years, still doesn’t think this is a worthwhile feature. Then when flickr just implemented it’s rather lame face tagging, it provided the impetus to make the change. It’s going to take a while to move everything over, but it’s coming and should make my life a whole bunch easier.

I’m also trying to aggregate all my activity around the web here on the home page. It will show my posts here, new Picasa albums, new YouTube videos, new book reviews at GoodReads and shared items from Google Reader. If I use any other websites that provide worthwhile feeds (e.g. not facebook with it’s useless RSS feeds), I’ll add them in as well.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new look and pardon the mess while I get things back in order. Hopefully I can get the bulk of structural changes done this weekend though migrating the photos to Picasa will take a few weeks.

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