Key Largo Dive Trip

I’m not set up for underwater photography but I did manage a bit of above water photography.

Most of these photos are from right next to the condo where a family of cats had adopted the residents.

The pelican photos were from a dock at a nearby hotel.

Sadly, a lot of the photos I took had focus issues. Some of this was from intentionally shooting with very shallow depth of field in relatively low light, but some just seems to have been from not being careful enough to make sure the camera focused where I thought it did. Fortunately, enough good ones made it through to post some.

Sadly the trip was too short and between weather, current and a sinus squeeze I only managed hafl the dives I’d optimistically hoped to get. Still, I got to visit some places I hadn’t been to since 1999 and dove a couple of new (to me) sites like the Spegel Grove. One of these days I’m going to break down and get a housing for my camera but so far I’ve been resisting that…

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