Great News and a Bleak Outlook

As I write this, we know that Senator Obama will be the next president and that is indeed great news! But, though only 15% of the precincts are reporting in California, I fear that proposition 8 will pass.

The First Debate

The first debate is now over. It was, as these things often are, light on real substance. Was there a blowout winner? Not in my assement. Senator Obama’s answers resonated with me more than Senator McCain’s. Given that they weren’t talking about social issues, ti was a little easier to be objective, but I felt myself agreeing with Obama much more often than McCain.

The Candidates on the HRC/Logo Forum

Last night, before a national audience, six Democratic presidential candidates participated in a forum that was televised on Logo. It wasn’t a debate; the candidates were on the stage individually being questioned by a panel. They weren’t asked the same questions though there was a fair amount of overlap.

Two Democratic candidates didn’t participate because of scheduling conflicts.