Regressives Block Confirmation Of Openly Gay Judge in Virginia

Regressives in Virginia’s House of Delegates lead by Delegate Bob Marshall blocked an openly gay man from becoming a judge yesterday. Given Marshall’s history of open homophobia and blatant discrimination this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. So far as I can tell, Marshall thinks Virginia’s slogan is “Virginia Is For Haters”. He certainly appears to strive to live up to those words each day.

Marshall and his colleagues think that a gay man lacks integrity and would let his sexual orientation color his judgements. I find it interesting that Marshall accuses someone else of doing exactly what he does every day. He let’s his interpretation of religion be his bludgeon that he uses to impose his distorted values on the rest of us. I suppose he’s afraid of a taste of his own medicine.

He also claims that the candidate’s claim of being married to a man puts him in violation of Virginia’s constitution. As an author of that despicable anti-marriage amendment, Bob should know that it only blocks state recognition of marriages. It doesn’t make the marriage itself illegal. But, again, Marshall’s true colors show through. Given enough power he would no doubt try to make it illegal even to be gay in Virginia.

It’s sad to see just how much Virginia’s shameful civil rights past is still alive in the present.

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