C25K Week 3, Run 3

I’m now 1/3 through Couch To 5K and this was probably the best run yet. I paced myself better and so didn’t really get tired through the runs. As a result, it was my best overall pace. More importantly was that It was a sustainable pace, unlike Wednesday where the pace of the first run made me very tired through the subsequent runs.

If I compare this run to the the first run there are some notable differences in heart rate. My average heart rate has come down 15 bpm and my max heart rate come down slightly. Though I wouldn’t call myself a runner yet, I can definitely see a difference in the way my heart feels. It’s my legs that get tired before I run out of breath at the moment.

Next week ups the ante with 1/2 mile run segments, double what this week had so hopefully that improved heart fitness will pay off then!


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