SOLD: Magneplanar Magnepan MG-1c Speakers

The speakers have been sold. They are no longer available.IMG_5094

This pair of speakers was purchased new in 1987 or 1988 but is still in great shape. They have recently been verified to be operational and still sound great. I still have the original box though the box is probably not suitable for shipping and shipping would cost a fortune as the speakers are moderately heavy and the box is large. I am willing to meet a buyer within 3 hours of the Washington, DC area or you can pick the speakers here. Use the contact form on the site to reach me.

I am asking $325.


    1. Matt, they are still available, but shipping a 70+ pound, large box would be pretty expensive, probably over $100, and I’m not confident they would survive the journey.

    2. I have several Magnaplanar speakers I purchased in the mid 1980’s located in the Phoenix area. I am looking to sell them. I have a total of 8 panels. If interested, drop me a line.

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