Picasa Has Its Own Issues

Perhaps my relationship with Picasa Web Albums will be short lived. I’ve gotten it into a state where PWA no longer will accept name tags either from the desktop client upload or from the user interface. Nothing I’ve tried has been able to prod it back into accepting name tags on new uploads though existing name tags are still there.

If I try to add a name tag in manually from the UI, it doesn’t accept the entry. The entered name blanks out and the tag is labelled “unnamed.” If I navigate to another photo and then back, even that unnamed tag is gone.

If I delete the album and re-upload it from scratch using Picasa for Mac then none of the name tags are transferred. But, up until yesterday, this was working properly. The evidence indicates a problem on the server side and web searches indicate others have run into this problem but nobody’s come up with a solution and Google doesn’t seem to be saying anything.

Perhaps its time to look at plan B.

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