Sick of Lies

I just finished watching the debate between Biden and Palin and rather than the entertainment I had hoped for, it was so full of nonsense that I was disgusted. Pailin’s relentless repeating of lies was just painful. She’s no more a soccer mom than I am. Her failure to really answer many questions was typical political sidestepping and her blatant lies were irritating.

Not that Biden was immune to misinterpreting the facts to make his point. McCain’s flub on Spain was because he didn’t know who the prime minister of Spain was, not because he wouldn’t meet with the Spanish PM. That’s a bad enough mistake for a presidential candidate, but not the one that Biden implied. Still, his sins were of exaggeration rather than Palin’s outright lies.

If American politics has been reduced to simply yelling louder than the opponents then she did well, but if was about showing how your policies would actually help us recover from the disaster of the worst presidency in American history then she was abysmal.

I’d really like to see a debate that has more content than politicians saying, “did not,” “did so” back and forth at each other.

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