Craig’s List (of Flip Flops)

Soon to be ex-Senator Craig is still in the news, this time for saying that just perhaps he is changing his mind about resigning. Just like he’s changing his mind about pleading guilty. And presumably he’s also changing his mind about having anonymous sex in public restrooms.

I don’t know who Senator Craig really is. Until last week I’d never heard of him. But, from watching his actions it looks like he’s a man that reacts from fear instead of someone who makes informed decisions. And it looks like this is a pattern as long as his public service.

  • During the page scandal of the late 1980’s he released a preemptive press release saying he hadn’t done anything wrong. Funny thing is, nobody had accused him.
  • When he’s arrested for soliciting sex, he pleads guilty probably hoping nobody would notice.
  • When it all comes out and he is pressured, he resigns.
  • He has voted against civil rights for gay people at every opportunity

It is arguable that every single one of those actions has been taken in fear. He probably regrets the first three and uses the fourth to bolster his denial about himself. Nothing feeds self-loathing like whipping those who are brave enough to publicly admit who they are in a hostile environment.

Honestly, I’d love to see him stay in office and run again. His reputation is so damaged that it means his opponent, who is likely to be more sympathetic to civil rights issues is likely to win. But, if I’m right about his motivations, he should resign. He isn’t doing anyone any good. Idaho deserves a senator who has the integrity to serve openly and honestly and who doesn’t live his life reinforcing the closet door.

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