Morning Fog

Usually the only thing fogged in each morning is my brain, but on this morning, there was this patchy, dense fog around the area.

Under normal circumstances I’d have never been aware of it because it was mostly to the west of Reston and I’d have likely gotten out of the house after it had burned off. But, this day was different. I had volunteered to get Lauren to Dulles Airport at about 7AM so I had to be up earlier and also head west.

As I was driving to work, I decided to pull the little A620 out and snap some shots while I was driving. They’re not great. They were shot through a car window and many of them were taken with the car in motion. I deleted most of them, but these few survived because they gave a sense of what it was like.

That little, dim ball in the sky isn’t the moon. That’s the sun after being attenuated by the fog.

I’d really like to try this with a tripod and the real camera…

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