2006 Maryland Renaissance Festival

Each year, DCPhotogs makes a pilgramage to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. There are always so many interesting things to photograph that it makes for a delightful day of wandering and photographing the beautiful and the bizarre.

This was somewhat unusual in that a fairly large group of us managed to stay together for most of the day. Usually we end up splintering into smaller groups, but this time we hung together like a pack. When you get that many white lenses together in one spot, let’s just say that it gets attention. Especially from the cast and performers!

My niece, Tricia, has also started expressing an interest in photography so I brought her along with me and she also took some photos with a small digical I loaned her. I’m not quite sure what she thought of the fest other than the exclaimed comment that “old men shouldn’t wear kilts!” Beyond that, she wouldn’t elaborate…

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