Discovery Channel Shark Building

Those of you reading this that know Kirsten know that she’s something of a shar-o-phile. Well, ok, more of a sharkaholic. She can’t get enough of sharks. So, when I got the email saying that the Discovery Channel buiding in Silver Spring, Maryland had been decorated in inflatable shark parts for Shark Week and that we had to go get photos of it, I went along as a friend. After all, someone had to make sure she didn’t try to bring any monstrously large shark parts home with her.

So, along with Emily, we headed across the river to a place where civil rights are still a bit more in fashion than on this side of the river, but I digress. My first thought upon seeing various shark bits with buiding in between was the poor shark saying, “I had to eat the whole thing!” in that mournful voice from the Rolaids commercials way back when.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a fun evening and, well, it’s not every day one gets to see a giant shark-building.

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