Boston 2005

Though I have been to Boston two or three times, I’ve always been there for just a few hours at a time. This was the first time I’ve spent a coule of days in the town and while I didn’t get too much chance to wander about and take photos (that work thing kept intruding), I did manage some photos.

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon and when I walked out of the airport into the open air, I looked around, took a deep breath and thought, “So, that’s what civil rights smell like!” And for the curious, they smell refreshingly nice!

I got a few photos around the Back Bay area of Boston near the hotel where I was staying. Then, on Thursday evening, we were taken on a dinner cruise of the Charles River. The weather cooperated although it’s hard to get photos at night from a moving boat. None of the night photos is especially sharp. Then, on Friday afternoon, I managed a few more photos around Back Bay before heading out fo the airport.

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