Field Day 2005

Field Day is one of the highlight of the amateur radio calendar and this year proved to be tremendously fun.

Last year we had a great deal of difficulty with our wireless lan and network logging software so this year we tried to address both problems. We were largely successful. One station began having trouble staying connected to the lan early Sunday morning and the software became troublesome to use when that happened but the other stations were fine. So, we made progress, but there is still more progress to be made.

We had interference problems with the GOTA station and the ssb station on the same band. This wasn’t surprising but the amount of interference was. The digital station itnerfered with both cw and ssb pretty much equally. But, despite these issues and poor conditions on the band, at least at first, we made more contacts than ever, at least for my tenure at Vienna Wireless.

Some of the AMRAD folks brought their van with its big mast and our VHF/UHF crowd had a blast. We even managed at least one satellite contact. That might be a first for the club!

Tom/K4TCM’s cooking was marvelous and a great time was had by everyone. The only downside came from the bees. There were lots of bees about and a few of us managed to get stung.

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