Bull Run Marina Hike

I hadn’t done any hiking in a while. My weekends have been scheduled too tightly or the weather too rotten to get out for any length of time. When Doug suggested an afternoon hike, I jumped at the chance and suggested we start from Bull Run Marina.

We drove there under a beautiful, partlly cloudy sky with temperatures in the mid-seventies. As we started north along Bull Run toward Hemlock Overlook, the sky quickly clouded over so that by the time we reached the soccer fields, we decided it was time to turn around because the rain seemed imminent. Except for a few drops it did hold off long enough for us to get back to the car and, if I recall, didn’t really amount to much of anything but it sure looked like it was going to storm.

I didn’t take many photos on the hike and much of what did get taken was cut, but the remaining few are here.

[AFG_gallery id=’211′]

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