Parking Garage Rant

Here’s a basic, good old fashioned rant for you.

I had an eye doctor appointment today and it was in an office building in Tysons Corner. As I pulled into the lot for the building, I was immediately met with signs saying that visitors had to park in the garage. The garage is, of course, pay parking. I didn’t think to ask the receptionist in the office whether they had a parking stamp or some other way to validate it. And, the parking was only $2 (which brings visions of a parking attendant chasing my car yelling, “I want my $2!”).

But it strikes me as wrong to put up an office building and then demand that anyone who comes to visit your building pay for the privilege of parking there. After all, if you have to visit the building then you have to park there. Forcing visitors into pay parking strikes me as a distinct lack of ethics.

Compared to the ethical judgment of a president who starts wars based on lies and fabrications it may not be too big, but it still bugs me.

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