Brit Letter Campaign Infuriates Right-Wing Yanks

According to (a now stale link on) CNN, many Americans are upset over a letter campaign originating from the UK that targets voters in swing states. The letter campaign is pro-Kerry and anti-Bush.

The outrage seems to be on the order of those [expletive deleted] Brits should stay out of our politics. Think about it, though. What happens here in our country has profound implications for the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t they try to influence us in our decision-making process. Just because they don’t get a vote? That doesn’t seem like a reason not to care.

I think I’d take the same stance even if the letters were pro-Bush. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but then it’s hard to be happy when perfectly good humans make extraordinarily stupid decisions.

To make matters worse, the Fox network expressed outrage at the letter-writing campaign. This from a network that needs to look up what the actual definition of the word “journalism” actually means.

Keep those letters coming! Just because you aren’t an American doesn’t mean that actions in America don’t affect you. Just ask the civilians in Iraq that are dying every day.

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