Expos Headed to DC

Well, it looks official. Though I admit that I don’t really understand the selection process. How can they select a city without having picked an owner? What if they can't come to an agreement with the DC buyer group? But, hey, not much that the MLB has done of late appears to make much sense so why should this be any different?

As a baseball fan living in northern Virginia, a local team seems a good thing, but as a girl that grew up outside of Baltimore as an Orioles fan, it worries me. Will I end up losing radio and television coverage of the Orioles in this market because the Expos will be the home team?

Of course, the O’s have stunk for the last seven years, but, still, they are the team I grew up watching. Brooks and Frank and Boog….then Eddie and Cal. And while they still stink this year, if they ever get their pitching together they might be worth watching

So, go ahead and bring the Expos here, but don’t take away my Birds!

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